Born To Be Good?

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Patricia Van de Weghe |
Born To Be Good?


Where does our moral compass come from? Where do our notions of good and bad, our sense of justice and fairness originate? Do we come into the world as amoral creatures without any sense of right and wrong, without any conscience and only learn to be good?

In laboratories around the world psychologists are grappling with the age-old problem of morality. And strange as it may seem, they are posing these large philosophical questions to babies. As the answers emerge, the findings about babies' moral notions tell us much about human nature.

BORN TO BE GOOD? is a lively look at the moral trajectory of children from the first months of life onward.


Technical Details

Length / Durée: 50 minutes

Year / Année: 2012

Aspect Ratio / Image: 16:9 (1.78)

Format: DVD NTSC

Sound / Son: 2.0 Dolby Digital